Cowboys vs Colts

Cowboys vs Colts: On Sunday, when 7-6 Colts played against 8-5 Cowboys, the raging team clashed in Indianapolis. It’s 1 o’clock in the afternoon. The start of the ET and the competition from Lukas Oil Stadium had a big impact on the NFL playoffs.

Dallas Cowboys (8 wins, 5 losses) led by quarterback Dac Prescott, Indianapolis stallions led by quarterback Andrew Luck in the 15th NFL football game on Sunday, December 16, 2018. 7 wins and 6 losses) (December 16) 18) At the stadium Lucas Oil.

Indianapolis won six of seven games and fights for second place with the AFC wildcard, while Dallas scored five wins in a row and could win the Eastern NFC Championship. Sports betting rated Indianapolis as a three-pointer. In the latest match, Cowboys vs. Colts, Vegas thinks the score is over or the total is 47.5. Before you make any sketches and predictions for Cowboys and Colts, read the words of the expert Cowboys Emory Hunt.

Hunter is a former college guard, he founded a website for analyzing football game plans and has incredible feelings for the Cowboys. He won five straight checkers for Dallas, and 10 out of 13 can be traced back to last season.

On the 13th week, when Dallas played against high-ranking Saints at home, Hunt told his followers to not hesitate to support the Cowboys. He said that Dallas sports protection could make New Orleans more suitable. Result: Cowboys 13, Saints 10 – completely unhappy. He who follows him will rise.

Now Hunt has discovered the tremendous value of the line “Colts vs. Cowboys ”(live on fuboTV) and launched a powerful distribution option. He just shares it in the SportsLine.

Hunter knew that in the Houston, the Colts won a massive 24-21 victory, and they won the Texas team’s series of victories in nine games. The Indianapolis team also won four houses in a row, and defender Andrew Luck made 13 touchdowns in three interceptions. This season, Luck was fired 16 times and finished second in the NFL. He completed 68% of the field, 3,759 yards, 34 touchdowns and 13 catches.

The home team reviewed four of the last five games in this series, and Indy played against the winning team four times in a row.

But the fact that the Colts are at home, and the luck looks as healthy as before, does not mean that they will cover up the blow to the hot Cowboys.

During the series of victories, Dallas completed all five games, and Ezekiel Elliott, running back, scored five touchdowns and scored an average of 172 yards per game during that time. He had 40 amazing touches when he defeated the Hawks overtime last week. Eliot added the newly acquired catcher Amari Cooper, who made five touchdowns in the last three games.

Cowboys ranked second with an average of 18.9 points and from the 9th week did not pass more than 23 points. In addition, the Colts may not have a TY Hilton recipient who was absent for a week due to an ankle injury. Hilton received at least seven times in the last four games and three times exceeded 100 yards during that time.

We can tell you that Hunt is stooping, but his game is stronger. He identified the key factor X, which on the one hand made it bigger. He shares what is in the SportsLine and who supports it.

On Sunday, two similar teams in Indianapolis played in the playoffs.

Cowboys from Dallas and Colt from Indianapolis bounced off a slow start and found themselves in a position that they might not have thought of earlier this season.

After the start of 3-5 games, the Cowboys (8-5) will soon win the NFC Eastern Championship. Colts (7 wins, 6 losses) – this is one of the fighters of AFC South, pursuing the division champion or playoff wild cards.

After winning receptionist Amari Cooper and turning Mark Colombo into an offensive line coach at the Farewell Week, the Cowboys won 5 of 6 games and 5 games after losing to the Tennessee Titans 28-14 in the 9th week. competition.

“I think for any team in the league this is the starting point for an attempt to win a division,” said Cowboys coach Jason Garrett. “We set ourselves the task of doing this. But you are right. The method will not change, and the focus will not change. “

Winning the Cowboys ensures that they can finish up to the Philadelphia Hawks and the New York Giants in the East NFC. The second-ranking Washington Redskins are in chaos and are unlikely to catch the cowboys, especially if they defeat the Colts.

It’s no secret that the Cowboys have soared since Cooper traded with the Oakland Raiders before the eighth game of the year.

Defender Duck Prescott won with an average pass of 294.2 yards during a series of wins from five games in Dallas. Cooper already scored 40 passes in six games with the Cowboys, they will meet with the protection of the Colts and gave 242.4 yards per game.

Cowboys may not have a good right back, Zach Martin, who added to the MCL injury in a victory over the Hawks 29-23 last Sunday. But, returning to Ezekiel Elliott, he also left the game soon.